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The Illogical School: The Big Four

“The Illogical School” is a new topic that is going to cover a range of logical fallacies used by fundamentalists in an attempt to support their arguments. Given the target-rich environment of their articles and videos, it’s impossible to find … Continue reading

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Thank You for Calling and Sharing … now Piss Off.

If you recall, it was five months ago tomorrow that my favorite fundie-radio-celebrity Harold Camping made his prediction that the Rapture was going to snap up all of the chosen, leaving the rest of us to face … well … … Continue reading

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Jack Chick’s “The Little Bride” Dissected

Back when people were still reading LiveJournal pretty heavily, I took some inspiration from the genius of “Enter the Jabberwock” and tried my hand at dissecting / satirizing Jack Chick tracts. It is, after all, both a target-rich environment and … Continue reading

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A Stupid Name for a Stupid Idea …

(… with special thanks to Gairid for the initial posting …) So some Christians – who feel that the already co-opted pagan holiday of Samhain isn’t Jesus-y enough – have decided to manufacture a more spiritually pure celebration on the … Continue reading

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