No Mississippi, Zygotes Aren’t People.

The Mississippi Personhood Amendment, or “Rights for Eggs but Not for Women“, lost 42% to 58%.  Seeing how I was just talking about issues like appeals to authority (like the government) and popularity (like voting on these amendments), nothing changes the long- and short- term consequences of a potential law like this, and how they would take away the rights of women and give them to theoretically fertilized eggs that haven’t even implanted yet.  They’re so precious we can’t even tell they’re there!!

As Daily Kos points out (from Mother Jones … very meta … ), this is starting to happen on the federal level too, with legislation defining personhood at the moment of conception being promoted by Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

Because medicine, like the rest of science, should be decided by government officials who claim to be doing God’s work, or what they think is God’s work. Or something.

Anyway screw you guys.  Abortion and birth control is still a decision a woman can make in Mississippi.  Whether to move somewhere else is an option you might want to consider, though …

(Part 2 of my Illogical School post coming shortly.)

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