• … there are about 3,700 gods that either are – or have been – worshiped by humankind?
  • Christians / Jews / Muslims believe in only one of them?
  • Atheists believe in only one fewer?

Boy, when you put it that way, there’s really no difference between us after all!  So come one, come all, to check out GodChecker.com!  With all of the gods of the world from AAH to ZVAIZDIKIS, E-Z search ability, it’s a snap to do research on the deities all sorts of OTHER people call the one true god!

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2 Responses to GodChecker.com!

  1. Dan Adler says:

    LOL. So I looked up “Muses” cuz they’re some of the deities I worship. I found this:

    “Their sublime choir is conducted by APOLLO, who ensures they perform everything in perfect blissful harmony. We can only assume he was on vacation when Country & Western music was invented.”

    I can’t not laugh at that. Especially the last sentence.

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