Happy Solstice Everyone!!

It only gets better from here.  The days get longer, the nights get … well, less oppressively long, and the sun stops setting around 3 PM.  OK, not really, but you get the idea.  I don’t think I have seasonal affective disorder, but I thoroughly hate the early sunsets and would gladly sacrifice one or even two hours of light in the summer for less of this bullshit.

On the upside, it’s always earlier than I think it is, which is kind of nice.

I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping, and a couple of things I got for my better half got here early so I can actually give them on Christmas Day. My original plan was to give a photo with a post-it that said “in progress”, but thankfully that’s been averted.

Since it’s so damned late and I still need to work tomorrow, here’s a picture of one of the worst most AWESOME nativity scenes ever:

The rest can be found here.

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