The Mayans Have NOTHING On This.

ON WEDNESDAY, 2.1.12 …


Tune into on Wednesday February 1, 2012, at 9:12pm (in your time zone) for the world’s largest streaming Rush listening party! Simultaneously, join fans across the world in an online chat ( as we crank this epic album and fill the world with our music. This is the closest we will get to the year 2112 in our lifetime, so celebrate and assume control!

The party will repeat 4 times, starting at 9:12pm EST, then at 9:12pm Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones. So everyone will have a chance to join! Or heck, come for all 4 hours! The more Rush fans the better!

I will be doing all four time zones in honor of both the only holy trinity I acknowledge, and all of their music that has been a part of me ever since I first listened to it 20 years ago.

Mark it on your calendars!

Turn the volume up!

And hold the Red Star proudly high in hand!

(Sorry, I had to do this.  Posts with actual substance will resume tomorrow …)

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