Ahh, Conservative Compassion …

And to think that I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to write about going daily like this …

(with thanks to Tim Kreider from The Pain Comics)

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has provided funding to Planned Parenthood for 170,000 breast cancer screenings and 6,400 mammogram referrals during the last five years.  The significance of such figures can’t be overstated, since many of the recipients of these services simply wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.  That’s because Planned Parenthood provides services for people in predominately low-income areas, and for those who have no health insurance.

And remember, if you’re an American citizen and you have no health insurance, you’re pretty much boned if you get something more serious than a cold or a scraped elbow. That’s your problem and your responsibility. Get a job, loser.

Well, yesterday, we found out that the Komen Foundation is no longer going to be giving any money to Planned Parenthood because of a new rule it just created and is only applying to one organization so far:

Komen, the marketing juggernaut that brought the world the ubiquitous pink-ribbon campaign, says it cut off Planned Parenthood because of a newly adopted foundation rule prohibiting it from funding any group that is under formal investigation by a government body. (Planned Parenthood is being investigated by Representative Cliff Stearns, an anti-abortion Florida Republican, who says he is trying to learn if the group spent public money to provide abortions.)

But three sources with direct knowledge of the Komen decision-making process told me that the rule was adopted in order to create an excuse to cut off Planned Parenthood. (Komen gives out grants to roughly 2,000 organizations, and the new “no investigations” rule applies to only one so far.)

The problem is that PP is under audit to ensure compliance with the Hyde Amendment.  It’s a routine process that never turns up anything, but now it’s obviously a problem.

These new rules that only seem to apply to one of the latest boogeymen of the right wing Fear Factory coincidentally appeared after their new vice president of public policy joined the team – who promised during her 2010 gubernatorial run that she would end breast and cervical cancer screening funding for Planned Parenthood.

And, according to the Washington Post:

But the truth is that Komen founder Nancy Brinker [a longtime GOP donor who was ambassador to Hungary under then-President George W. Bush] has strong Republican ties and Cecile Richards, who leads Planned Parenthood, is daughter of late Texas Gov. Ann Richards and has longtime Democratic Party ties. Also worth noting: This is an election year.

But the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood comes shortly after Komen unveiled a new partnership that strengthens its ties to the George W. Bush Institute. The institute is the policy-making arm of Bush’s presidential library, which is scheduled to open in Dallas next year.

So it played out like this:  one staunch anti-abortion republican was put into a position of power at the Komen Foundation.  Another strengthened her ties with a right wing policy group.  Both decided that they would help Congressional Republicans defund Planned Parenthood in any way they can.

Because as we all know from Senator John “not intended to be a factual statement” Kyl, well over 90% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions.  (For the link-phobic, it’s actually 3%.  Kyl was even more full of shit than usual that day.)  It’s the preventive services that accounts for about 90% of what Planned Parenthood provides.

Preventive services.

Now, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is taking their grant money away from them because they also provide abortions, along with everything else they do.

Based on past history, that’s 170,000 breast cancer screenings and 6,400 mammogram referrals that won’t be available for primarily low-income women with no insurance.

In other words, they won’t happen.  Because where else are they going to go?  Who else has the resources to give them what they need?

It was Planned Parenthood, with the help of the formerly reputable Komen Foundation.  Until they decided that they would rather fight for the lives of fertilized eggs and developing fetuses at the expense of actual, living, breathing women getting cancer and dying because they can’t afford treatment.  I’m sure some of them are mothers, which means entire families will be destroyed because of this.  But that doesn’t matter.  This isn’t about saving life.  This is about being convinced you’re right and to hell with the consequences.  This is about having a sense of satisfaction about the superiority of their own morality – as twisted and inhuman as it is – and forcing other people to live with it because GOD is on your side.

Conservative compassion:  we cherish life from conception to birth!

EDIT:  Oh, they’re cutting grant funding for embryonic stem cell research too: again, demonstrating that fertilized eggs are more important than actual people.  Here is the depth of the loss involved:

That means the loss of $3.75 million to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, $4.5 million to the University of Kansas Medical Center, $1 million to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, $1 million to the Society for Women’s Health Research, and $600,000 to Yale University. That’s a loss of nearly $12 million dollars in research money to eradicate breast cancer this year alone.

I’m sure God is proud of you.  People will die because of this, but they simply don’t count, do they?

Here’s a link to Planned Parenthood’s main page, if you want to donate.  Please give what you can so we can take up the slack from others who would sacrifice people’s lives for the sake of their own twisted ideology.

EDIT #2:  Komen is restoring cancer screening funds for Planned Parenthood.  No clear word on whether this includes embryonic stem cell research.

EDIT #3:  … are they?  Or are they just saying PP is not immediately ineligible for future grants based on their new criteria?  There’s a bit of a difference.  I wonder if the GOP is just going to start some bogus criminal investigations next year in response to this.  In the end it sounds like we’re just going to have to see if they actually mean what they say or if this is just another approach to damage control.  As DailyKos pointed out, if they were simply restoring PP’s funding, you think they’d say so in giant bold letters.  Time will tell.

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8 Responses to Ahh, Conservative Compassion …

  1. Dan Adler says:

    Obviously I oppose Komen pulling out of PP for whatever reason, because PP does provide a necessary service to the public.

    That said, I have two minor notes:

    1) According to NPR, they (Komen) are still providing funding to several PP facilities in Colorado, California & Texas*, because they’re the only facilities in the area at which women can get cancer screenings because “they are providing the only services that exist for low-income women in these areas.” So at least they’re aware of that.

    2) You also have to note that all of Komen’s total annual donation to PP account for less than one percent of the annual PP budget so you also have to wonder how big an impact this will really have (I get that that’s not the point, but this is being SO hyped, that I feel the need to point it out). (NPR reports that PP’s annual budget is approximately 1 billion dollars, and that Komen’s total annual donation comes to less than 700k)**

    * http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/02/02/146312271/as-komen-defends-itself-planned-parenthood-rakes-in-substitute-funds

    ** http://www.npr.org/2012/02/01/146243896/q-a-the-rift-between-komen-planned-parenthood

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