Oh, Those Liberal Professors …

I got this from a friend of mine, who yanked it off of Facebook. It’s a response a philosophy professor wrote in response to some of his students involuntarily showing, by example, the problem of religious bigotry in American society.

Well, okay, since the image is being a pain in the ass, here’s a link to a site with the original.  I hope this works out a little better …

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5 Responses to Oh, Those Liberal Professors …

  1. Adam Benton says:

    This page appears to be somewhat broken.

  2. Dan Adler says:

    Urf. How do I get to read the whole letter? It only shows one pane which you can magnify, but it appears to continue, and I can’t see the rest of it.

  3. Erin W says:

    Demands for his resignation/sacking in 3… 2… 1…

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