Atheism, Short and Sweet

I didn’t make this.  Thanks, once again, to the Internet.

On another note, Crimes Against Divinity will be holding a Video Week, starting Monday and going to Sunday.  In other words, I’m traveling so I’m dumping a bunch of short videos in queue for each day I’m gone.  They’re from a guy named AronRa, who made a series of videos a while back called “Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism”.  There are at least 15, maybe more.  But don’t watch ahead or I won’t have anything to put up the next time I leave!

Regular rantings will resume when I get back.

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4 Responses to Atheism, Short and Sweet

  1. Adam Benton says:

    Have fun on your travels.

  2. Richard says:

    What’s the inset photo credit? NASA/HST?
    Google won’t tell me, all I get is “atheist posters”…

  3. Kimmeister says:

    Ah, that caption gave me a pretty good laugh!

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