The Catholic Church vs. Reality

… in graphic format, courtesy of the Obama Administration.

This is, of course, in response to the Catholic Church’s recent bunching of their panties at the thought of charities, hospitals, and universities with religious affiliation having to provide contraception in their health insurance coverage plans. Churches have always been exempt from this rule.

Let me say that again: Churches have always been exempt from this rule.

In addition, the President modified his original plan after the aforementioned panty-bunching such that the religious institutions are even further removed from the equation by having insurers directly provide contraception to employees free of charge.  None of these religious institutions have to pay for any of it.

Yet … even though hormonal contraception’s only proven mechanism of action is the prevention of ovulation … and that women use it to control the regularity and severity of their cycle to more serious issues like PCOS … and regular use will reduce the number of abortions performed in this country … the Catholic Church maintains that having it offered to women who need it – even though they’re no longer involved – constitutes a violation of their religious freedom.

… I assume they mean their freedom to maintain the belief that a fertilized egg is more important than the woman it’s currently in, because a god whose existence we haven’t proven after over 2,000 years of trying tells us so. Which is funny, since the Jewish community doesn’t tend to agree with that assessment and is largely OK with it.

Expression of this creative interpretation of “freedom”, if history is any indicator, will lead to the elimination of comprehensive sex education in favor of abstinence only “education”, the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, and the restriction of access to all forms of birth control from condoms to hormonal contraception.  We will be a nation with an entire generation of children who have no idea how to protect themselves against the realities of STDs, teen pregnancy, or single parenthood.  Yet, even in the face of all of the facts, those responsible for putting the restrictions in place will be certain of the rightness of their cause, no matter how many lives are ruined by way of preventable disease or poverty.  This isn’t – and has never been – about cherishing life; it’s about controlling and punishing sex.

I’ll say it yet again: you can believe whatever you like; just don’t force everyone else to live by your standards, especially when they’re not based on the reality of the situation. If you are against contraception, don’t use it … but don’t prevent other women from accessing something that has become an integral part of basic healthcare because you understand neither its mechanism nor the scope of its use.

Anyway. The picture:

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