Are They Even Trying?

Oh, Westboro Baptist Church … how I missed you so. All of my other blog tags were getting so big compared to the ones I dedicated to you. Apparently Freddy’s daughters are taking the untimely death of singer Whitney Houston as an opportunity for a little publicity and reassurance to the public that neither they nor their father are gay.

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest Whitney Houston’s funeral. The Topeka, Kansas church is known for protesting funerals of celebrities, soldiers, and homosexuals.

Margie Phelps, daughter of the church’s pastor Fred Phelps, tweeted earlier today “Yay! 2 pickets in NJ-Whitney Houston funeral & [legislature],” thus revealing the church’s plans to protest Houston’s funeral as well as NJ’s gay marriage bill’s recent passage.

It’s a well known fact that WBC makes members of just about every other branch of Christianity – liberal and fundamentalist alike – want to back away slowly and change the topic of conversation to who won the game last night. The Christian Post – who wrote the article – brought up the logical incongruity of targeting someone like Whitney:

It is unclear why the church would want to picket the Houston funeral. Whitney Houston was heterosexual, and she was Christian- she grew up attending New Hope Baptist Church, and her final performance was a rendition of “Jesus Loves Me.”

What Clara (the contributor) fails to realize is that all you need to do in order to incur the overenthusiastic, frothy wrath of Phelps Phorce Phive is be alive at some point and then die sometime later.  They’ll fill in the rest of the blanks with some choice words about how you are a fag-loving homosexual abortion provider who was born in Kenya and never let them play with the other kids in the neighborhood.

That and getting beaten by your dad on a regular basis has to addle your brain just a little.

But please don’t stop.  Honestly.  The more you guys peddle your literal interpretation of … well, some aspects of the Good Book you found useful … the more ordinary people will look at what living according to the bible would really mean.  Maybe some of them will accept the fact that both the secular and religious world have slowly, yet surely, embraced modernity at the expense of archaic dogma.

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