6 Responses to Legitimizing Insanity

  1. Dan Adler says:

    I know why he didn’t mention old people in his marriage thing. I seem to remember, in Genesis, a story concerning a woman who had tried for years to have a child, and never was able, until in her old age, God miraculously made it happen (I can’t remember her name, or I’d find you a linkie). So Santorum probably figures that if God did it once, he could do it again.

    • I remember now. I also recall a story of Jacob’s wife – Rachel, not Leah, who was also his wife – who couldn’t conceive, so he schtupped her maidservant.


      • Dan Adler says:

        True. He wanted to Marry Rachel, her father said “Sure, you can marry my daughter” and then gave him Leah. Who he never wanted or loved, despite having many children by her. Then he was finally able to marry Rachel too (cuz polygamy was allowed, and common back then), and she couldn’t give him any children, so she gave him her maid, who had two sons. So Leah, not to be outdone, gave him HER maid, who also had two sons. Finally, at the end of her life, Rachel finally had sons, the second of whom was Joseph (as in “and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat”)

        You can’t tell me marriage hasn’t changed over the centuries. Especially when the proof is right there IN HIS BIBLE.

        • Sure. “Traditional” really translates to “the last modern interpretation consistent with social conservatives’ self-interests”.

          • Dan Adler says:

            Change “social conservatives” to “Christian, but-not-Mormon, social conservatives” and you’ve got it.

          • LOL yeah. Which is generally why Romney’s been keeping a low profile about his religious background. He knows that Mormonism’s interpretation of scripture is enough of a liability with regard to the American public that he’ll never win enough bible-worshipper votes from Santorum.

            All things considered, if the economy continues to improve through November and this circular firing squad goes to the convention, Obama’s one of the luckiest SOBs in the world.

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