4 Responses to The Reason This Blog Exists

  1. Dan Adler says:

    *grin* can’t be a “godless heathen” dear. That’s oxymoronic: By definition, heathens have gods.

    LOVE the last paragraph.

    On the one hand, I sometimes wonder why my atheist friends (and other atheists I’ve read who aren’t friends) only seem to kvetch about Christianity, ignoring all the other faiths. On the other hand, I find it reassuring that they (you?) can’t really find a whole lot to complain/rant about regarding my religious beliefs and practices. So…. thanks?

    • “By definition, heathens have gods.”

      But they’re not REAL gods … ask a Christian 🙂

      I kvetch (mostly) about Christianity because it’s the dominant religion in this country, and it exerts the most influence on our culture and system of laws, whether we want it to or not. If the followers of Hellenismos (sp?) were running around, legislating their interpretation of reality in the halls of Congress and in our science classrooms, I’d be on them just as much.

      I find it comforting that our Republican legislators are so vigilant about preventing every OTHER religion from inflicting their views on the unsuspecting secular society … take the collective dash to the fainting couch over the non-existent specter of Sharia law in the Bible Belt states … [/sarcasm]

      • Dan Adler says:

        a) Correct spelling of Hellenismos. Good boy.
        b) Most Hellenistoi (plural form of a follower of Hellenismos) (singular is Hellenistos) across the country (and even internationally) have tended to agree that proselytization is one of the absolute worst forms of bad manners, and not (generally) something that was done in ancient times by the Greeks anyway. Sure, we’ve ditched slavery and a few other unsavory things that were cultural (not religious), but we kept that bit 🙂
        c) I noticed this morning that another state has withdrawn its anti-Sharia legislation. That makes two, I think.

  2. Nan says:

    “To have some sanctimonious, bloviating goon tell everyone with a different worldview to “get out” is the very reason why the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are written the way they are.”

    AMEN, Brother!

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