5 Responses to Never Having to Admit You’re Wrong

  1. Dan Adler says:

    I just don’t get it. She can’t get communion because she’s a sinner (despite the fact that homosexual acts are mentioned only two or three times in the whole bible), but murderers in prison can get communion every day if they so choose? How does this make sense?

    • Well, they committed a grievous sin, but admitted to it and have obviously asked forgiveness! She’s happily living in sin … a sin which is apparently just as bad as murder, at least in recent years now that people like her have made significant progress in getting equal treatment under the law. We can’t have that, now.

      • Dan Adler says:

        “but admitted to it and have obviously asked forgiveness”

        Oh yes. Obviously.

        Lets see, who else gets communion. Divorced people. That’s against the rules. Divorced and remarried people. That’s even worse. And obviously if they’ve asked for forgiveness, they’re lying, because they’re still divorced. So that’s another sin.

        Gotta love it.

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