Holding Hands? Really?

The great state of Tennessee, after striking a blow against the evil dogma of the scientific method by encouraging students to “question scientific theory”, has decided it hasn’t stepped back far enough into the beginning of the 20th century.  So, on April 6th, lawmakers introduced a bill that would define the act of holding hands as a “gateway sexual activity” in their abstinence-only propaganda machine curriculum.

Of course, these people are so uptight and controlling that they probably think the act of being born a freaking mammal constitutes a “gateway sexual activity”.  I can also see why they’d want to keep such a program and only make some minor improvements on it, given the success it’s had so far in reducing teen pregnancies:

According to a 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Study, 61 percent of Memphis City high school students and 27 percent of middle school students have had sex.  That’s higher than the national average.

Oh, never mind.  Understandably, the folks over at Planned Parenthood – you know, the people who actually understand the mechanisms, risk factors, and types of birth control along with how to use them – are not very happy with this development, along with the others in the bill that review the content of the sex “education” program:

“It’s not detailed enough in a health-based way,” said [Planned Parenthood Director of Education Elokin] CaPese.  The bill prohibits teachers from demonstrating gateway sexual activity.  CaPese said that would include health education models.

“It makes it very clear that you can’t promote contraception,” said CaPese.

If an instructor goes beyond the curriculum, the bill gives parents more legal rights, stating, “The parent or legal guardian shall have a cause of action against the instructor or organization for actual damages.”

Damages.  Right.  In the event little Johnny is exposed to the details surrounding the dirty, icky reality of the very act that made him and all of his classmates, Mom and Dad have the right to sue for the permanent emotional scarring it will inevitably cause.

As opposed to the damage caused by not telling him or his girlfriend the truth about the reliability of condoms, the Pill, diaphragms, and IUDs, which convinces many teens to simply NOT use them.

Or the potential physiological damage caused by not telling them about STDs, how to identify them, treat them, and properly avoid them if they DO end up having sex.

Or the emotional damage from the ostracism and abandonment by their ill-educated, judgmental, and horribly sexually repressed community when it comes out they engaged in sexual activity out of wedlock.  Refer to the aforementioned slut-shaming.

Yes, I can certainly see how educating these kids about sex to make sure they’re equipped to make the proper decisions when the time comes is too dangerous an idea to even consider, and far too “damaging” for children and their sensitive parents alike.  It’s better to keep them ignorant, and make them so unbelievably afraid of their thoughts, their feelings, and their own bodies that they’ll be too paralyzed with fear to do anything.

… until their hormones kick in, at which point they’ll just do whatever the hell they want without protection because it doesn’t make a difference anyway.

Welcome to Tennessee!  Chief export:  creationists with gonorrhea!

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2 Responses to Holding Hands? Really?

  1. C.diff says:

    My best friend in high school got to college and decided sex was a gateway to hand-holding. (It wasn’t.)

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