The Sinking of the S.S. Moronic

Sadly, this is real. Actual people in this country think that homosexuals are one of the – if not THE – biggest problems facing our nation during this generation. And, they appear ot have enough money to create television shows in order to spread their paranoid lunacy wherever they like.

My favorite line is at around 1:33:  “there are just a couple steps before the military could be used in a persecution of those that are viewed as enemies of the new state belief system“. How they can say that with a straight face is a mystery to me, though I suspect it’s because they’re wholly convinced it’s true.

People with similar beliefs are in office right now. They are admired because they “have faith” in something greater than themselves. Even if they believe that something greater is telling them that some of their fellow citizens are almost solely responsible for the doenfall of our great nation, and they have to be stopped at all costs. Because they are attracted to members of the same sex.

I happen to believe that those who are convinced of such a thing are far more dangerous to the fabric of society than “the gays” could ever be.

Ideas like the ones in this video – while protected by the First Amendment until they become a call to violence – need to be roundly condemned by everyone, regardless of their religion. Yes, the bible says we should stone homosexuals (if you believe that interpretatino of the passages), but it also says a lot of things we don’t take seriously anymore. The only reason they’re focusing on this is to create a talking point that generates enough fear from their followers to fill the coffers every Sunday.

But, in doing so, they are driving an increasing number of peope away as they realize that religion simply isn’t something they can take seriously anymore.

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