I Forgot Draw Mohammad Day 2012?!

I cannot believe I missed it.  Actually, I suppose I can since I was away on business during the previous week and then my wife and I drove 500 miles that Sunday to see the solar eclipse (pics forthcoming).  I’ve been kicking myself ever since I remembered last night.

It’s a good thing I have something prepared already.  I’ll preface with something I wrote a few months ago on this topic:

This is why I don’t like talking about the issue of religious “tolerance” very much.  […] when it takes the form of constantly having to worry about insulting a group of imams on the other side of the world so they don’t call for your head on a pike if you dare criticize them or draw their prophet’s picture … that’s not tolerance.  That’s being held hostage by a bunch of crazy people.  The responsibility for acting like adults is on them, not us.

This is dedicated to those who feel it necessary to completely lose their grip on reality whenever someone refuses to walk on eggshells around their religion.  I have absolutely no problem whatsoever saying that your beliefs are stupid and not worthy of even the most basic respect or courtesy.  In light of this, I present to you my submission to Draw Mohammad Day:

Illustration showing Mohammed (on the right) preaching his final sermon to his earliest converts, on Mount Ararat near Mecca; taken from a medieval-era manuscript of the astronomical treatise The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries by the Persian scholar al-Biruni; currently housed in the collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (Manuscrits Arabe 1489 fol. 5v). This scene was popular among medieval Islamic artists, and several nearly identical versions of this drawing (such as this one and this one) were made in the Middle Ages.

Apparently, if I correctly understand what I’m reading, the Koran doesn’t even prohibit the visual depiction of Mohammad.  It’s in the hadiths that the painting of all pictures is forbidden … explaining why there were riots in Saudi Arabia after the introduction of the television.  Why some people only get their panties in a bunch over the depiction of Mohammad these days, I’m not sure, but it sounds like the typical cherrypicking you see in every religion.

Enjoy!  I’ll go back to picking on Christianity again tomorrow …

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