Reiterating the Obvious, But …

My wife sent this to me from Imgur.  Given some of the topics I’ve covered over the last few days, I thought it would be appropriate to once again show an example of the more mainstream – and numerous – Christians who believe that the fundamentalists who have taken over the political rhetoric in this country are manipulative and dangerous as much as I do.

I usually call people who put up billboards like this the “Sermon on the Mount” or even the “couch potato” Christians.  The latter isn’t intended to be insulting but only an indicator of the fact that – like many aspects of one’s culture – they were born into it, grew up with it, never felt compelled to question it one way or the other, and even though it may not make complete sense, it’s a matter of faith, a way to be generally decent to one another, and that’s good enough.

Hey, I was one for years … I get it.  The only difference was that for me, what little belief I had just sort of died out and I became a non-believer.  Guess it didn’t take.  The point is that a lot of the chowderheads I talk about on this blog don’t represent people like this, or what Christianity is to the average person in today’s society.  Unfortunately, they’re the ones who get the attention … and they’re the ones who help incite the worst elements of humanity to act in a way that they believe is consistent with “God’s Will”.

We need more billboards, like this one from Mission Gathering Christian Church, to show everyone that the anger, bigotry, and evil coming from these self-proclaimed “men of God” is nothing more than that, and that there’s a better path for Christianity to take in the 21st century than the one it’s been down before.

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