She Honestly Felt She Had No Choice.

So I’m back! Finally. This time I was actually able to keep some sort of track of my blog posts offsite, though for some reason all of my attempts to update my Facebook page resulted in them being shuffled off to one side as posts by “Other”. I have no idea why this happened … logged in and everything.

Oh, and speaking of not knowing how things work, I’m now on Twitter … because I love social media so much, as those who know me are well aware. Actually the underlying theory was that it would enable me to get WordPress and Facebook to more easily communicate, since WP currently doesn’t like sending posts straight to FB pages (as opposed to profiles). That way I would no longer have to separately update everything by hand, which not only gets annoying, but very difficult when I’m away. The problem I’m having now is getting Twitter to talk to Facebook.  It’s always something.

It really can’t be as hard as I think it is. Yet I’m hung up on it anyway. If you guys have any advice on how to get Twitter to send tweets to a Facebook page without a profile, I’d love to hear it.

Now, on with the story. The content of today’s entry was originally posted here, by a fellow named “Davetrash“.  It’s a letter from his mother dated March of this year.  I’ll just let you guys read it before commenting:

Needless to say, the outpouring of comments to his blog was quite impressive in response.  I’ve heard of this kind of thing happening every so often, but it was always between two former friends when one “finds God” and has to dump every aspect of his or her former life if they are truly sincere about the afterlife.  This is the first time I’ve seen an actual letter from a parent to a child to the same effect.  I knew it happened, but to see it in writing is kind of unsettling … especially considering the fact that an adult – after due consideration of all of the facts – decided that her relationship with her real, living, breathing, flesh-and-blood son had to be terminated because of her beliefs regarding a supernatural being cooked up by a tribe of desert nomads 2,000 years ago.  It didn’t help that she sounded truly heartbroken over this decision.  She is so firmly convinced in the reality of this belief that she feels it’s not even her choice to shun her own child for the sake of her own salvation.

Dave himself sounds like he’s taking the entire situation well (I’m guessing he might have seen it coming).  He posted a follow up detailing some other commenters with their own Jehovah’s Witness Family ostracism stories, as a show of support.  Comforting, I’m sure … depressing as hell to see people falling victim to this in the 21st century, definitely.

Anyway, head over there and read some of the comments.  Echo if you like, but do it from his blog.

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