The Perverse State of … Kansas?

Usually whenever I read an article about anything having to do with the topics of “State Board of Education” and states from the Bible Belt or thereabouts, I know I can expect a riveting story with a little bit of everything.  This latest article does not disappoint.  I give you … Jack Wu.

Jack Wu, Kansas Board Of Education Candidate, Calls Evolution ‘Satanic Lies’

I swear I got chills when I saw the title alone.  Jack’s not your standard rank-and-file Republican who feels almost obligated to pay lip service to the religious zealots just to keep donations coming his way.  Hell no.  This guy has no problem whatsoever proclaiming from the rooftops that an entire branch of scientific study that’s stood the test of time is a lie coming straight from the Prince of Darkness himself.  That’s balls.

The fact that he feels this way and is running for the Kansas Board of Education is what makes this such a remarkable gem.  Truly blogworthy.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wu, who also attends, but is not an official member of, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, is running for the Board of Education in the 4th District against Democratic incumbent Carolyn Campbell.

OH HOLY SHIT WAIT LET ME MAKE POPCORN.  Does he have a website?  Oh please tell me he has a website …


“The current public educational system in Kansas and the United States is preparing its students to be liars, crooks, thieves, murderers, and perverts.”

Jack Wu grew up in Hayward, California. He attended a public elementary school there and was introduced to the theory of evolution at that school. Jack fell victim to the lies of his evil teachers and thought evolution was real science for a time.

Uh oh … “public” elementary school.  Full of secularism and NOT GOD.  I know there are a lot of complaints people of all stripes can make about public schools and education, but your teachers were right when they told you that evolution is an observable phenomenon and there is a vast body of evidence to support modern evolutionary theory.

After elementary school, Jack attended a private “Christian” school. There, Jack was taught that God created the world and the universe. At first, Jack stuck with his old pseudo-science evolution-based cosmology. However, the light of the holy scriptures burned all those trashy concepts away. Jack now knows that God is the Creator of all things.

See, I would have put the quotes around the word “school”, but that’s just from experience.  And can someone please tell me what “pseudo-science evolution-based cosmology” means?  I thought we were talking about biological evolution and now you’re confusing it with the origins of the universe?  No wonder you thought these ideas were crap; you clearly don’t understand the first thing about them.

And you might want to avoid saying you “know” god created the universe, considering how quickly you dismiss anything you either can’t comprehend or don’t believe as trashy pseudoscience.

Jack moved to Topeka, Kansas after seeing the light of Westboro Baptist Church. There, he found people that loved and served the Lord their God sincerely. The church stands amidst the evil city of Topeka, whose citizens among other things tried to burn down the church.

They also have a burning hatred for homosexuals and regularly pray for the deaths of our soldiers overseas.  They’re sociopaths.

With the upcoming elections, Jack endeavors to make a difference in this evil city of Topeka and this perverse state of Kansas. The students and children of this generation need the light of the scriptures if to correct their erroneous ways. They don’t need Satanic lies like evolution filling their heads, and if elected to office, Jack would like to purge such lies from the curriculum.

LOL yes, the “perverse” state of Kansas needs to indoctrinate their children into the ways of a church whose sole apparent reason for existence is to tell the world that “fags” are condemned to hell.  The last thing these kids need is an education based on reason, logic, and critical analysis.  Give them a strong foundation in ignorance, prejudice, and fear so they can compete in the global economy right alongside our scholarly equals from the tribal regions of Afghanistan.  Idiot.

Oh, and Jack, you might want to take another look at the equation for the volume of a sphere in your web page.  The bible says pi is three so you can do some simplification.

Well, I think that’s about enough about him.  If you want to learn more, read his “mission” page.  He seems almost too good to be true, but as with Sarah Palin, I shudder to think of what would happen if he were actually voted into office.  So, how does his opponent stand on the issues?

Topeka resident Carolyn Campbell, who represents the State Board of Education’s 4th District, said Friday that she thinks the state’s science curriculum should stay the same — a stark difference from her opponent in the upcoming election who wants to remove evolution from the classroom.

The latest standards, as I interpret them, reflect the most current understanding of evolutionary theory … so it sounds like she’s pretty reasonable, especially given her opposition.  Hell, I could even understand covering Creationism for a day or two anyway, if only to shed some light on why some people are completely losing their minds over this supposed “controversy” … as long as they don’t ever pretend it’s science.

… which might actually have a chance of happening since Kansas is re-writing their science education standards:

Kansas is now among 26 states helping to draft new science standards alongside the National Research Council, with the goal of creating standard, nationwide guidelines. A first draft became public last month, and the Kansas board is scheduled to hear an update on Tuesday.

[Board member Ken Willard, a Hutchinson Republican] said the draft embraces naturalism and secular humanism, which precludes God or another supreme being in considering how the universe works. He said he intends to raise the issue Tuesday.

“That’s going to be very problematic,” Willard told The Associated Press in an interview. “They are preferring one religious position over another.”

Aaaaaand here’s the rub.  Jack Wu himself isn’t the problem, even if he’s such a joy to write about.  The real issue is that he’s not even close to being alone in his views.  There are millions of people in this country so woefully bereft of any measurable degree of scientific literacy that they believe that the bible is the literal word of a divine being and that science – or, more specifically, the aspects of science that conflict with their beliefs – is nothing more than a religion that can be summarily dismissed.

Last point:  you bet your ass that a draft on science education should embrace naturalism.  Methodological naturalism is the cornerstone of the scientific method, and it’s the only objective standard we have.  All things considered, it’s done a pretty good job over the centuries, helping us feed an ever increasing population, cure disease, predict celestial motion, and enable me to access a worldwide communication network to complain about religion in the comfort of my own home with a flatulent cat sitting on my lap.  Most importantly … science doesn’t say God doesn’t exist.  It doesn’t really say anything about God other than the fact that his existence apparently isn’t needed to explain natural phenomena … like evolution.

In the end, it doesn’t matter.  Not to people like Willard – who just sounds misguided and scientifically illiterate – and Jack, whose personal statements and the company he keeps scare me more than just a little.  They’re convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that a Bronze Age manuscript contains the words of a living god and evolution is a vast liberal conspiracy … all the while accessing countless other marvels made real by the same scientific method they so selectively denigrate to spread their message of ignorance to the masses.  How unsurprising.

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  1. Dan Adler says:

    We need a mash-up: This Jack, and Jack Chick.

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