The Mainstream Fights Back (Yet Again)

Lt. Colonel Roy Tisdale was shot and killed by a fellow officer during training exercises at Fort Bragg back on June 28th.  Shortly after his death, our favorite group of attention whores at Westboro Baptist Church put up a notice that they were going to picket the funeral.

Here’s my favorite art of the flier:

Lt. Col. Tisdale gave his life for the Constitutional right of WBC to warn America. To deny us our First Amendment rights is to declare to the world that Lt. Col. Tisdale died in vain, and that America is a nation of sodomite hypocrites.

This kind of language sounds like it’s straight from Basic Internet Trolling 101.  I’m going to call you a poopie-head, and if you tell me I’m wrong, that only proves you’re a poopie-head.  Which, really, is about that limit of eloquence and logic I’ve come to expect from our frizzy haired Leviticans over the years but it’s strange that they’d go so far as to write it out.

It’s true that people like Tisdale signed up to defend this country and keep safe our way of life … including not only the rights of people like the Phelpses to make complete fools of themselves and further sour mainstream Christians against them and their message …

… but the rights of those who think they’re a bunch of biblical cherry-picking, homophobic, anti-Semitic sociopaths as well:

Texas A&M Students Form Human Wall To Block Westboro Baptist Church Protestors From Soldier Roy Tisdale’s Funeral

When Ryan Slezia, a former Texas A&M student, heard of the group’s plans, he hatched a plot to foil their efforts.

“In response to their signs of hate, we will wear maroon. In response to their mob anger, we will form a line, arm in arm. This is a silent vigil. A manifestation of our solidarity,” he wrote on Facebook, inviting others to join him in a peaceful protest.

On Thursday, as Tisdale’s funeral was held at the Central Baptist Church in College Station, Tex., hundreds of students and alumni responded to Slezia’s invation, linking arms to create a human barricade surrounding the church’s entrance.

Most wore maroon — A&M’s school color. One participant tweeted that over 650 people showed up, creating a formidable “maroon wall.”

“We are standing here quietly. We are here for the family,” Lilly McAlister, a Texas A&M student, told “We are positioned with our backs to them. Everyone has been told there’s no chanting, no singing, there’s no yelling anything back.”

Over 650 people – most of them Christians themselves, given that it’s Texas – locked their arms to form a wall in order to prevent the worst of their kind from ruining a ceremony for Roy’s family to grieve and say goodbye.  In the end, though, the Phelpses didn’t show up. Maybe they were too busy celebrating over the recent heat related deaths of three young children in Maryland or protesting another funeral somewhere else to show everyone how NOT GAY they are.

All in all, that’s good that nothing happened, especially for the sake of Tisdale’s family.  If they did, however, more people would have been given a firsthand look at the kind of lunacy that goes hand in hand with Christian extremism, and they would be further pushed into obscurity and irrelevance as society moves forward.

Now, if only we can marginalize the evangelical lawmakers the same way …

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