Does This Mean We’ll Finally Stop Hearing From Them?

Earlier this week, Google announced the beginning of a new worldwide campaign called “Legalize Love”, whose purpose is to make work and living conditions safer for LGBT employees in countries with legislation against homosexuality. The program has been initiated in Poland and Singapore – two places in which homosexuality is a criminal offense.  From dot429:

On the decision to launch the initial phase in a country like Singapore, Palmer-Edgecumbe says, “Singapore wants to be a global financial center and world leader and we can push them on the fact that being a global center and a world leader means you have to treat all people the same, irrespective of their sexual orientation.”

Harry Gaskell, of professional services firm Ernst & Young who also spoke at the conference in London, backed the argument for combining initiatives between governments, organizations, and companies. “If you are trying to change something – governments can exert diplomatic power, NGOs can martial facts and arguments – but corporations martial economic power. That is something even the most passive of countries will listen to.”

Needless to say, this is quite an ambitious effort.  But as Gaskell said, if any entity can manage to make a difference, it’s a large corporation with billions of dollars in assets and a worldwide network.  Their influence in the international stage may be strong enough to push some of these countries to adopt a different outlook on LGBT rights … assisted, hopefully, by an internal movement emboldened by a powerful ally.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was celebrating over this recent development.  The American Family Association ended up with a major case of the sad upon hearing the news, immediately threatening a boycott:

It’s kind of a funny video, since even ol’ Buster is well aware of the sheer magnitude of effort such a thing would involve. As he points out, there’s Google, YouTube, and the Android phone with Google’s OS on it. Following up with this revelation is a comment from Right Wing Watch:

If the AFA goes ahead with its Google boycott, the group will also have to boycott Google’s rival Microsoft as the company recently endorsed marriage equality

And if Apple comes out to support marriage equality (I don’t think they have yet), that would pretty much mean no smart phones, video sharing, or standard computer operating systems.  I guess there’s always Linux, but I suspect they (to whatever extent there is a cohesive “they” in the Linux world) support same sex marriage as well.

ThinkProgress put together a handy dandy table of all 70 businesses and organizations (the full list is here) that currently support marriage equality:

If the AFA and other evangelical groups like them truly want to “test their meat” … or however they put it … they will immediately and completely boycott every single company on this list.  As this list grows, so shrinks the available products and technologies available to those who wish to stay true to their principles.  Soon they’ll have nothing but old rotary phones, oil lamps, and donated clothing from a thrift store.

Which is a fitting end … the technology they’ll be forced to use will be as obsolete and outdated as their message.

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6 Responses to Does This Mean We’ll Finally Stop Hearing From Them?

  1. Dan Adler says:

    Re: the title of this post.


  2. C.diff says:

    Apple publicly rejected Prop 8, which was the final nudge I needed to become a Mac owner.

  3. l33tminion says:

    That’s not a full list of all businesses that currently support marriage equality, just a subset of the ones that operate in states that currently allow same-sex marriages.

    • Thanks for the additional qualifier on the list. I’m glad to know it’s actually larger. I got a comment from another friend of mine who told me that Apple publicly rejected Prop 8 … so if these good folks are intent on boycotting every supporter of same sex unions, they can’t really access the Internet or use computers anymore 🙂

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