If You Don’t Buy Into My Conspiracy, You’re Not Thinking.

I’m sorry for what has amounted to a bit of a weak week, as it were.  Things have been a little hectic and I’ve only gotten around to writing something relatively late at night for the following day.  I still appreciate the regular readership.  Today is going to be XKCD’s latest strip, followed by the standard Sunday Morning Blasphemy tomorrow.  I’m actually on vacation today so I’m taking a break from everything, including blogging for a few days.

The alt text is especially good: “Really, the comforting side in most conspiracy theory arguments is the one claiming that anyone who’s in power has any plan at all.”

That’s what I’ve always said about the folks who go on about the 9/11 “conspiracy”, even in the absence of any real supporting evidence. To me, it doesn’t matter either way. Do I want a government that is willing to sacrifice the lives of its own people to further an aggressive, militaristic neo-conservative agenda … or do I want a government that couldn’t manage – after advance warning – to stop a handful of people with boxcutters and basic flight training from killing over 3000 people with three commercial airliners?

Neither alternative is good, in my opinion … but at least the former prospect shows some semblance of organization and long-term planning, even if the endgame is too disturbing to think about.

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