Welp. I’m Moving to Sweden.

I saw a study done to this effect a while ago, but never ended up posting about it. The following image is a good summary of some of the findings, basically showing at a glance how some of the happiest and most prosperous nations in the world also happen to have a relatively low percentage of religious believers. This flies in the face of most claims made by the evangelical right in this country, who are convinced that we’re all headed to Armageddon because you can get condoms at the local Fred Meyer down the road …

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2 Responses to Welp. I’m Moving to Sweden.

  1. Dan Adler says:

    Not to be contrary (especially since I’m looking to leave the country myself), but the USA’s HDI ranking is 4th (higher than all but two of the above). Although the US ranks 38th in life expectancy (78.2 years). So I’m not really sure there’s any correlation between any of this data and the number of folks who consider religion important or not. (unless, of course, you’re Ann Coulter or Phred Phelps and their ilk)

    • True, but the point remains that nations with a predominately atheist population like sweden and denmark aren’t suffering the kind of societal decay that people like Anne coulter would want people to believe. It’s a good refutation of that myth without suggesting anything one way or the other about the US

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