2 Responses to Negroids! Congoids! Dark Sided! Psychics! KENYAAAAAHH!*

  1. Erin W says:

    Hand written pro se complaints are the best. Please tell me you have a link to the original.

  2. This man is an idiot. Vedism/Hinduism isn’t a single idea. In fact this man is an idiot. The Ved is a Sanskrit word that means “to see, or that which is reveled, or knowledge.” Vedism is a western construct or description of the Vedic Dharma or the Righteous/natural duty of the Vedas. The Vedas don’t promote this, and as a student of history I can tell you that this man is an idiot. He’s never read this ancient and beautiful text and is using it for his racism. I just loath these stormfronters, and white nationalists who steal from other cultures and texts and malign them.

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