You Can Get HIV From Sharing the Same Internet!!

I’m pressed for time because of some work that extended way past my normal quitting time and other household stuff … so today’s entry is going to be a little short.

California district teaches students to ‘get plenty of rest’ to prevent STDs

A coalition of groups have brought a lawsuit against the Clovis Unified School District in California, claiming their abstinence-only sex education program violates state law.

The lawsuit alleges the textbook used by the district informs high school students that respecting themselves, getting plenty of rest, going out as a group and practicing abstinence can prevent them from catching sexually transmitted diseases. The textbook, however, does not mention that condoms can prevent the spread of STDs.

Other instructional materials compare a woman who is not a virgin to a dirty shoe and suggest that men are unable to stop themselves once they become sexually aroused, according to the lawsuit.

Funny, I hear the same thing about women who don’t completely cover themselves in Muslim cultures … and how it’s not the responsibility of men when they can’t help but act on their urges when women dress “immodestly”. Nice to see how both Christianity and Islam agree on yet another topic:  the objectification of women and the absolute loss of their worth as soon as they become sexually active – voluntarily or not.

I’ve written plenty about the very real danger that abstinence only propaganda presents to our children, and how states that have implemented this policy end up with an entire generation with significantly higher rates of STDs and teen pregnancy.  Anyone can see the clear and obvious benefit to teaching children that abstinence is the only absolutely reliable way to avoid STDs and pregnancy.  But to either omit information about birth control and STDs or flat out lie about them in order to enforce a particular pattern of behavior is potentially deadly.

According to the LA Times, “Fresno County has one of the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates in California. The Central Valley area also has one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases.”  I wonder why.  Thankfully, the rest of the article goes into how they’re being sued for being in violation of the law for teaching abstinence only “education”, so there’s hope that this policy of lying to our children for the sake of a failed ideology will be abandoned.

The lawsuit against Clovis Unified, which serves 39,000 students in Fresno County, alleges that the abstinence-only curriculum is risking young people’s health by denying them accurate information about how to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

“I want there to be medically accurate, scientifically based education for all youth in Clovis Unified,” said Ghimenti, a health education instructor. “If we don’t give them the information, they won’t be able to make good, healthy decisions.”

People will ask what the dangers of religion could possibly be, especially in the Western world.  This is one of them.  Lying to kids about evolution or Big Bang cosmology is only going to force them to play catch-up in a real school; lying to kids about contraception and safe sex could kill them.

I saw this on Reddit after I finished the post and thought it was not only appropriate to today’s topic, but to yesterday’s as well.

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