Yet Another Plank in the Platform

So while the Democrats have made changes to their platform by endorsing same sex marriage, the GOP has not only included a ban on abortion that doesn’t make exceptions for rape or incest, but they’ve also stated that they are adopting a plank that will ban Sharia law from being used in US courtrooms.

For all the times that’s actually happened.  As Alex Seitz-Wald explains in his article:

Anti-Shariah activists like Frank Gaffney, whom Bachmann cited in her witch hunt allegations, claim Muslims want to impose Islamic law on the United States and run it like Taliban theocracy (here’s the craziest Shariah conspiracy theory we’ve seen yet). More than that, they claim it’s already happening and that Democrats and liberals are allowing or even abetting in the secret takeover of Shariah. Even if every Muslim in the U.S. were a secret jihadi, there are still only about 2.6 million of them, so it’s totally unclear how Gaffney, Kobach, et al. expect them to overcome their more than 10-to-1 numerical disadvantage to impose their will on the rest of the country barring secret powers.

Since there hasn’t been a terrorist attack in over ten years now, getting votes based on the idea of “imminent attack” probably comes across as a stretch, even for the GOP.  By making claims of an invisible threat, you don’t have to even have to pretend to provide evidence in order to get people to believe what you’re saying has enough merit to get their vote.

And it works quite well.  Especially for the significant percentage of our population who want Christian law to find its way into US courtrooms.

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8 Responses to Yet Another Plank in the Platform

  1. Dan Adler says:

    I don’t get it. The Republican Party wants to have a plank officially banning Sharia law from US Courtrooms. As I see it, we (America, not just any particular party) should also be banning Christian and Jewish law from courtrooms. We should be focused on AMERICAN Law rather than any type of religious law.

    I know. It’s a difficult concept. Especially when the GOP would have you believe this is a Christian nation, and not one made up of many faiths. No no no. Christian nation. That’s all that matters.


  2. Adam Benton says:

    What does GOP mean?

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