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On the Billionth Year, They Rose Again …

This story of death and resurrection actually has some data to back it up.

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The Real Dangers of Superstition and Faith

Mum used bleach to cleanse demons A BELIEF that her nine-year-old was possessed by demons had led a woman to try to pour bleach down her daughter’s throat. The 36-year-old woman, who is not named to protect the identity of … Continue reading

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Here Are the Images I Made …

… after I told the story the first time.  Thought you’d appreciate them.

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Now, Some Sam Harris

On the Freedom to Offend an Imaginary God Consider what is actually happening: Some percentage of the world’s Muslims—Five percent? Fifteen? Fifty? It’s not yet clear—is demanding that all non-Muslims conform to the strictures of Islamic law. And where they … Continue reading

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Senator Jason vs. the Protoceratops

I saw a thread on Reddit that asked, “I live in the bible belt and until age 14, because there are so many Jesus fish I thought it was a logo for a car company. Reddit, what misconceptions have you … Continue reading

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The Carrot and Stick of God

Tim Kreider – author, illustrator, and criminal mastermind behind The Pain Comics, brought up a very interesting point in “Contributions of the World’s Religions, Part 1“.  (As a side note, even he admits that Christianity is certainly not any worse … Continue reading

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Those Heathens.

I saw this from a LiveJournal entry I posted about 6 years ago … but it puts some ideas about morality and pragmatism into perspective. Condoms Help Check Iran Birthrate Recent figures show that in little more than a decade, … Continue reading

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