This Totally Shocked Me. Really.

Remember the story of the young girl in Pakistan who was found with charred pages of the Koran in a bag she was carrying? And how she was charged with with blasphemy – a capital offense?

Turns out she was framed by a mullah who got his beard in a knot over there being Christians living nearby. And it also happens all the goddamned time in this part of the world.

Pakistani mullah ‘planted charred texts’ on girl accused of blasphemy

The mullah at the centre of the furore surrounding a young Pakistani Christian girl facing a death sentence for blasphemy has been accused of deliberately framing her by planting burnt Islamic texts. […]

Police say two of his colleagues gave statements that he added pages from the Qu’ran to strengthen the case against Rimsha Masih, who has been in custody for two weeks after she was accused by Muslim neighbours in her Islamabad neighbourhood of burning the holy book.  […]

Maulvi Zubair and two other assistants at a mosque near Rimsha’s house told police Chishti deliberately added pages from the Qu’ran to some charred refuse she was carrying.  Zubair is said to have objected at the time but Chishti insisted it was the only way to get rid of Christians in the area.

So the short of the story is that a couple of people who didn’t like the fact that Christians are living in their neighborhood began making false accusations about one of the young girls, and were helped along by some authority figure who presumably is supposed to know better.  Instead, he essentially pours gasoline on the fire and commits one of the most offensive acts against his religion in order to further his own idiotic agenda.

Well, I suppose I should be thankful for the fact that they arrested him.  At least they’ve been consistent.

Chishti has been outspoken about his dislike of the hundreds of Christian families who live in the area, even appearing on a popular national television show to complain that the noise made by Christian worshippers had disturbed Muslim residents.

I hardly think he’s in a position to complain about the noise made by people of other religions, considering how five times every day there’s a city-wide “HEYYYYY YOUUUUU GUYYYYS!” to call people of his faith to prayer.  But I guess, as George Carlin said, “Ever notice that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?”

The blasphemy laws have been widely abused as a powerful way to settle scores and disputes. People have been sentenced to long jail terms on extremely weak evidence, some of which cannot even be properly examined in court for fear of repeating any blasphemy.

But public criticism of the laws is itself dangerous – two prominent politicians have been assassinated by religious hardliners after speaking out.

So the system of government in place is reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials, in which the slightest accusation could send someone to get burned at the stake … and questioning the logic of it all – or the lack thereof – could get you killed as well.

It’s times like these when I truly can’t understand how we can possibly have morality without religion.

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