I Got Mine, Episode 102,768

Sexuality the deciding factor in program’s closure

After more than a decade, the Adult Cosmetology class offered through Beaumont Independent School District’s Taylor Career and Technology Center is closing. The reason, instructor Cequada Clark says, is that Principal Thomas Amons would rather close the program than admit a man Amons thought was gay after a brief encounter with the prospective student on the first day of class Sept 10.

“I don’t understand this. I really don’t,” Clark said. “(Amons) told me he would rather shut down the program altogether than to have ‘riff-raff’ like that in the program. The next day, he shut down the program.”

Amons on the left, Gray on the right

Funny, I remember another demographic being dismissed as “riff raff” whenever they tried to do things like enroll in schools, drink from certain water fountains, sit in the front of buses …

Seriously, you’d think someone like Amons – who has the appearance of having lived through the turmoil of the Civil Rights movements of the 1960s – would be the first to express some amount of sensitivity to the fact that a member of another group could be suffering discrimination for who or what they are.  He instead decides to pretend that being gay is nothing whatsoever like being black, so he can feel free to act just like the people who oppressed members of his own race for centuries without a second thought.

“As soon as we got a student that (Amons) thought was gay, that was the end. He saw (Gray) come into the class, and then he came to get me out of there,” Clark said of Principal Amons, a man who also serves as a deacon at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Ah, say no more … with God on your side, you don’t have to let logic or even basic human decency get in the way of using an archaic and obsolete set of laws as an excuse for being a worthless prat.  But that’s not the worst of it.  In order to carry out God’s will but still stay in the good graces of secular law, he couldn’t just prevent Gray from enrolling …

“The next day (Sept. 11), (Amons) told me that the legal department said he couldn’t exclude (Gray) based on his sexual preference, but that as the principal of the school he could decide to no longer offer the program. He said the last day would be Thursday, Sept. 13.”

Instructor Cequada Clark informed The Examiner on Thursday evening, Sept. 13, that she has been asked to turn in her keys and receipt book, terminating her employment with BISD. Clark anticipated losing half her paycheck with the cancelation of the adult cosmetology program, but she was still employed as a night-class instructor for the Taylor Center. That was before she says Principal Thomas Amons told her, “We’ve decided to let you go. We don’t need your services anymore.”

So in one swift move, Deacon Amons was able to prevent the Homosexual Agenda from getting a foothold in the Beaumont Independent School District’s Taylor Career and Technology Center … and scuttled another person’s only means of income in the process.  Hey, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, amirite?

The response to Amons’s little temper tantrum has been pretty overwhelming … so much so that the program is being reinstated next month depending on enrollment.  (Seems strange since there were plenty enrolled before it got canceled.)  I just hope they rehire Cequada Clark.

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