Those Heathens.

I saw this from a LiveJournal entry I posted about 6 years ago … but it puts some ideas about morality and pragmatism into perspective.

Condoms Help Check Iran Birthrate

Recent figures show that in little more than a decade, Iran has scored a stunning success in reducing its population growth rate, thanks to a vigorous state-supported family planning campaign.

It means that in the year 2006, the country’s population is expected to be 37 million less than it would have been at the birth rates prevailing in the late 1980s, when the campaign began.

“We may observe many restrictions because of our religion, but that doesn’t mean we should reject this,” he says.

“Probably we believe we have been behind, now we have to push ourselves forward. So why should we be hiding everything? Why shouldn’t we be telling people that these condoms are good for you?

“Just as cigarettes damage your health, so condoms prevent damage to your body, disease or whatever else. So we are gradually accepting what is good for the people, and we follow that.”

Contraceptive pills for women are also on sale. No questions are asked.

These and other contraceptive methods – along with advice – are also dispensed, free, at government primary health centres all around the country.

Other methods are also available without payment.

Iran is doing this.  IRAN.  And what are we endorsing in this backwoods, shit-kicking, God-fearing “Christian” nation of ours?  Pushing back on the distribution of the HPV vaccine for girls down to age 14 because it would “promote promiscuity”, and forging ahead on the implementation of abstinence only sex “education” programs that have shown to be ineffective in preventing teen pregnancy or the spread of STD’s.

God bless America!

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