Mormons Are Crazier Than I Thought

… and hey! Mitt Romney’s one of them. All this time Republicans are clutching their pearls over Obama being a success-hating socialist who bows to Mecca five times a day, when they should be worried about his counterpart who belongs to a cult whose members baptize dead Holocaust victims and believe they’ll get their own planet when they die.

So here … in case you haven’t already seen it about 100 times:

To put it in some perspective, and in the context of the impending election, here’s a quote from Christopher Hitchens from an article he wrote a couple of years back:

It ought to be borne in mind that Romney is not a mere rank-and-file Mormon. His family is, and has been for generations, part of the dynastic leadership of the mad cult invented by the convicted fraud Joseph Smith. It is not just legitimate that he be asked about the beliefs that he has not just held, but has caused to be spread and caused to be inculcated into children. It is essential. Here is the most salient reason: Until 1978, the so-called Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was an officially racist organization. Mitt Romney was an adult in 1978. We need to know how he justified this to himself, and we need to hear his self-criticism, if he should chance to have one.

The church also endorses discrimination against homosexuals, but they wear that like a badge of honor … so there’s no point in calling them out on it.

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