Atheists Don’t Represent You.

Today I learned that California Representative Peter Stark is in a fight for his political life right now, in part due to the attacks from one of his Democratic rivals over his non-belief.  Apparently he came out as an atheist back in 2007, and recently caused some “controversy” over a vote to reaffirm the country’s motto.

I mean, I’m sure that’s important and all … at least his opponent thinks so.

Do We Trust Pete Stark to Represent Our Views?

Congressman Pete Stark one of nine Members of Congress to vote against re-affirming national motto.

Dublin, CA– Yesterday, the U.S. Congress voted 398-9 to re-affirm our national motto, “In God We Trust.”  Since 1864, the phrase, “In God We Trust” has appeared on U.S. currency and in 1956 it was recognized as our national motto.  Since the Civil War this inspirational motto has captured the spirit of our country and guided its people through world wars and the attacks of September 11.

I agree.  We should keep doing something we’ve done for a long time because it’s been done for so long.  And some people find it inspiring, except for other people who don’t.  9/11.

“It seems like too often these days Congress can’t agree on anything.  Yesterday, 398 Members agreed to re-affirm our national motto,” said Eric Swalwell, Dublin City Councilmember and candidate for Congress (CA-15).  “Congressman Stark was one of nine members of Congress who disagreed.  The Fifteenth Congressional District deserves a Member of Congress who is in touch with its people, can work well with others, and can honor our national motto.”

Maybe the people of the 15th Congressional district need someone who acknowledges that we need a lot more than some empty religious catchphrase to provide real, tangible guidance through the rough times in our history.  It doesn’t surprise me that the establishment of this motto was done in an era when we were bending over backwards to show the rest of the world how much better we were than the “godless” communists.  What does surprise me is that there apparently doesn’t seem to be anything more important for Congress to do than publicly pat themselves on the back for their supposed patriotism. Though I suppose in that way, they truly are trusting in God to do things like improve our broken health care system, reduce military spending, end wars, and fix the economy … since it’s pretty clear they’re not doing much in that regard.

It hurts my head to see so few people objecting to what is an endorsement of a belief in God from the state.  Given our cultural background, one can safely conclude that this isn’t the god of the Muslims or Hindus, but the God of the Judeo-Christian faith.  To re-affirm it means to ignore what it means to have a society free from the establishment of any religion.  To wield it in a campaign it in the same way Republicans used to beat their chests over those stupid American flag pins is just kind of pathetic.  It’s stuff like this that says you don’t have any better arguments.

I looked at Pete’s web site.  I can’t vote for him given where he is, but I definitely would.  He’s the author of the COBRA health insurance continuation program, a strong environmental advocate, a supporter of LGBT rights, and has consistently voted to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the provisions of the PATRIOT Act.

I dunno … sounds like he’d do a perfectly good job representing me …

EDIT:  I am once again leaving you for a week for a business trip, so response to comments and other follow-up related stuff will be limited.  I will be back next Monday the 5th.  See you then.

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