I’m Down With Black Hawk.

Sounds like more of a Christian than some Christians I know.  This other quote is attributed to him as well:

… from my intercourse with the whites, I have learned that one great principle of their religion is “to do unto others as you wish them to do unto you!” The settlers on our frontiers and on our lands never seem to think of it, if we are to be judged by their reactions. For my part, I am of the opinion that so far as we have reason, we have the right to use it in determining what is right or wrong, and we should pursue that path we believe to be right.

If the Great and the Good Spirit wished us to believe and do as the whites, he could easily change our opinions, so that we would see, and think, and act as they do. We are nothing compare to His power, and feel and know it.

He also sounds like his standards of right and wrong – at least these – are based largely on rational thought and an understanding of the effects such behavior has on other people instead of any kind of divine mandate.  Even though he and his people believe in a Great Spirit, they feel it best to use the gift of reason it gave them to make up their own minds.  Sounds like a reasonable approach for a group of “savages”.

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