A Little … Further … to the Left …

This, of course, prompted me to look up what the hell the word “aurah” meant, though I kind of guessed the definition from the context.

In the Holy Quran, the word is used in verse 33:12, “Truly our houses are open “(exposed, vulnerable, aurah) ,by which excuse they hoped to be exempt from fighting. It is clear that no ugliness is referred to in relation to their houses. In verse 24:59, which will be referred to, three times are mentioned where even a mahram needs to seek permission to enter an area of another’s privacy (except a husband or wife) and these are called the time of “three aurah”.

In the Majma’ al-Bayan the author, who is incomparable among the commentators in his ability to cleave apart the meanings of words in reference to the use of the word aurah in verse 33:14 says, “aurah refers to anything which can easily be harmed which one is concerned about like the borders or frontiers of a country or something related to a war. A bare or exposed or naked place or house is a house which is vulnerable and easily harmed.” [9]

I would make a bad Muslim for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being my not really caring what women decide to wear on a daily basis. The other reason being that I would let them decide what to wear on a daily basis instead of forcing them into the  functional equivalent of a giant duffel bag every day because I’m afraid I would otherwise lose all self control around them, or that they are somehow exposed to danger without it all.  The danger really seems to come from those who are imposing these restrictions.

I get a kick out of the scale on the bottom, too … misspellings and all.  I can’t figure out why God would be displeased with you because of the way you dress or, if he did, would care if you fell at Stage 6 versus Stage 8.  At that point, you’re just double bagging.

Some of the folks on Reddit took it two stages further.  At first, I was wondering if I was going to see a young lady “al fresco” at Stage 0, but their choice was far more appropriate, in my opinion.

Just for clarity, the picture on the left is that of a young Muslim girl reading a book. Truly, the worst of all possible offenses.

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