Let’s Hope it’s a Phase.

Two and a Half Men ‘filth’, says show star Angus Jones

An actor in one of the biggest comedies on US television, Two and a Half Men, has described the show as “filth”, while urging viewers not to watch it.  In a video posted online by a Christian group, Angus T Jones said he no longer wanted to take part.

The 19-year-old explained that the show’s raunchy humour conflicted with his recent bible studies.  Jones, who has been in the show since he was 10, said viewers should question the impact such programmes had on them.

The clip was posted by the Forerunner Christian Church in California [Seventh Day Adventist], where Jones, who reportedly makes $350,000 (£218,000) an episode, says he sought spiritual guidance.

So after nine years on a very successful TV show, another one of the main characters has decided he’s had enough.  And, like his predecessor, he thought he’d do it by condemning the show (albeit on religious grounds) instead of tendering his resignation directly,

Not that I question his assessment of the show; I also happen to think it’s stupid and the humor juvenile.  I’m also not going to question whether it’s genuine or not, so let’s assume it is.  My problem is that as soon as I heard about this, the first thing I thought of was this guy:

Kirk Cameron, after a successful career as a child star, made the foray into Christianity with the help of Ray Comfort, and ever since then he’s been putting the “mental” in “fundamental”.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he had found God and let everyone be.  Instead, he’s been spending his days railing against the evils of evolution, Big Bang cosmology, and basically anything involving science.  He’s an utter embarrassment to Christianity as a whole … especially those who happen to believe but accept that we’ve learned things about the world that contradict a literal interpretation of the good book.

Seventh Day Adventists, as far as I understand, also take a literal approach to the bible, meaning that his religion also rejects the notion that the natural world can actually tell us about itself.  They’d much rather let God do it by way of the bible.  Whether this will translate into him teaming up with some ill educated blowhard to push for religion being taught in public schools, I don’t know.  I honestly hope not; I’d rather hear that after quitting his gig on Two and a Half Men, he decided to devote his days to charity work and helping the poor.

So we’ll see.

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2 Responses to Let’s Hope it’s a Phase.

    • What he says about the show doesn’t really bother me … even if I am kind of amused that both he and Charlie had their own way of trying to get themselves fired. I just worry about the extent to which his fate will resemble that of your favorite fundie and mine.

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