Good Luck With That.

In lieu of cancer testing, deputy health minister reportedly opts for reciting Biblical verses

According to the report, Dr. Shlomo Lewkowicz, the head of a cancer awareness organization, invited [Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, a long-serving ultra-Orthodox MK from United Torah Judaism] to get tested as part of a campaign aimed at the ultra-Orthodox public, but was told that the deputy minister “would suffice with reading Psalms.”

Hope you like dying, then.  Because that’s what will happen if you have a genetic predisposition to colorectal cancer and don’t bother to get checked out on a regular basis.  I should know because I lost a family member to this very thing.  What makes the situation in his case even more baffling was that he wasn’t even a believer so the standard “God will provide” crap didn’t apply.  He just didn’t like doctors … because they never give you good news … so he didn’t go.  Ended up killing him.

This guy is being given the same warning, and has decided that God will apparently provide.  He may want to re-think that strategy, since God will also presumably be providing the cancer too.

Lewkowicz also claimed that, citing so-called modesty issues, ultra-Orthodox newspapers and websites had refused to run advertisements promoting colonoscopies […]  In response, Lewkowicz’s organization ran a series of humorous notices in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem promoting free colonoscopies but, he said, they were quickly taken down.

And apparently this is a culture-wide phenomenon.  The notices were taken down by members of the ultra-orthodox community because – and I’m not making this up – they’re not big fans of preventive medicine.  See, in America, I can kind of understand people not wanting to go get screenings like this since a significant percentage of the population doesn’t have insurance.  So hey, why spend money you don’t have, right?  But these are free of charge.  It’s clearly not a matter of money; it’s that warped “traditional” sense of religious modesty – what motivates them to make those stupid “girl proof” glasses but have no problem with sucking out circumcision blood with their mouths – that prevents them from doing anything about early detection of an entirely preventable disease.

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