The Grinch Reads the Constitution.

When a Church Partners with a Public School to Raise Money for a Christian Charity, an Atheist Steps In

I’m still away on business, so this is just a re-post from Hemant Mehta’s blog.  Long story short, Hawaii’s Moanalua High School does yearly charity concerts during the holiday season.  The problem is they work with a Christian ministry to hold the event.  So, the founder of the Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church stepped in, wrote to the Department of Education, and the concert was canceled.

Now, of course, the local media is portraying him as “the Grinch” and saying all he wants to do is make trouble.  Personally, I don’t know the guy.  He might be an asshole.  I have no idea.  But the fact remains that the mingling of state and church activities was significant enough for the DOE to identify a problem with the arrangement, and he was right to point it out.

To see the media complaining about how this guy is ruining Christmas for OMG TEH CHILDREN is just a pathetic attempt to shift the blame from those who should have understood all along that having a public school doing charity work for a Christian ministry is unconstitutional.  It’s not his fault they did wrong, but they’re desperate to paint anyone who wants to point it out as some kind of societal outcast.

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