Just Another Day.

So I’m finally back, after having spent almost two weeks visiting the main campus for work and also my old stomping grounds to visit friends and family.  It was a good time, even if I had to come back during the beginning of the holiday traveling season.  I obviously missed a few things in my absence; first, there was the shooting in Clackamas, Oregon where two people were killed.  Then, more recently, the shootings in Newtown CT where over twenty children died.

Cue the predictable, but no less disgraceful, blaming of the situation on secularism and the absence of “God” in public schools:

I’ve already talked about this kind of scapegoating and the people who do it.  People like Huckabee and Pat Robertson feel free to blame atheists, liberals, and  other assorted secularists for the ills of the world because it’s convenient, free of accountability, and because it prevents them from having to examine the problem in any more detail to show that a solution might not be as simple as finger pointing during a 30-second sound byte on Fox News.  But hey, it sure sounds good … especially to an audience not inclined to think about it too much.

Speaking of peddlers of barking paranoia and mass hysteria, it’s the 21st of December!  Happy b’ak’tun!  It’s not actually the 21st yet, but I’m going out on a limb and assuming that we’re all still going to be here, alive and well – or as well as we were when we went to bed – on Friday.  No end times,  No catastrophe.  No “new age”, “shift of consciousness”, or collectively waking up tomorrow with all 10 strands of our fake DNA activated and the distinct impression that homeopathy and Reiki actually did something more than rob people of their money.

Just another day.

But that’s okay, too.  It might not be as exciting as seeing everything we know and love change forever, but it provides a much more fertile ground for living life with realistic, attainable goals instead of laboring under the persistent fear of the end times or the threat of eternal torment.

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