Building Bunkers on the Slippery Slope

If it’s one thing I worry about in this country, it’s the never ending persecution Christians face from all parts of American society:  their ability to get jobs, buy and sell property, their portrayal in TV and film, and especially their ability to participate in this great democracy of ours.  You know who else is just as concerned?  The American Family Association.  They’re so worried about the fate of American Christianity that they recently sent out an email depicting a shocking alternate future if we continue down our current road.  Just look at what the next 50 years might have in store (the letter is in bold; my responses are in italics only):

What will religion look like in the year 2060? – If I had any say, religion would turn into nothing more than a personal perspective on life that doesn’t leave the confines of the church closet unless it’s to help those less fortunate.

Conservative Christians will be treated as second class citizens, much like African Americans were prior to civil rights legislation in the 1960s. – Well, at least we have a bunch of conservative Republicans admitting that Blacks were treated pretty poorly before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s … even if it is in a sad attempt to make themselves out to be the victims of repression and discrimination.  That in itself has been like pulling molars at times.

Family as we know it will be drastically changed with the state taking charge of the children beginning at birth. – WTF?  oh, that reminds me … I have to re-publish the Chick Tract dissection talking about the End Times where TEH EVIL GUB’MINT has taken over and they all hate the baby Jesus.

Marriage will include two, three, four or any number of participants. Marriage will not be important, with individuals moving in and out of a “family” group at will. – Yes, because allowing two homosexuals who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other to do so with the help of the state is going to pave the way for marriage to become something that is the exact opposite of what it is.  Just say that you think gays ruin everything already.

Church buildings will be little used, with many sold to secular buyers and the money received going to the government. – One can only hope that the multi million dollar megachurches that litter the southern states will meet a fate that turns them into soup kitchens, libraries, museums, or something else that provides some measurable good for the community.  I’d rather see one guy handing out sandwiches to the poor than ten thousand on their knees, sending their thoughts into the sky.  Though I’m not too sure why any money – other than taxes – would go to the government …

Churches will not be allowed to discuss any political issues, even if it affects the church directly. – Sure you can.  But if you endorse a candidate or tell people they’ll go to hell if they vote for a democrat, you’re probably going to lose your tax exempt status.  That’s all this is really about anyway.  Well, that and your tendency to rail incessantly about same sex marriage … which doesn’t affect the church directly.  So we’re good.

Tax credit given to churches and non-profit organizations will cease. – Again, only if they get involved in politics.  Your call.

Christian broadcasting will be declared illegal based on the separation of church and state. The airwaves belong to the government, therefore they cannot be used for any religious purpose. – Again, what?  This just makes you sound desperate for persecution, even (especially) the manufactured kind.

We will have, or have had, a Muslim president. – OH NOES.  What, are you worried that the freedom of religion you so vehemently support will be applied to people of other faiths?  I’m honestly surprised you didn’t use the “a” word … we don’t want them non-believers in the White House either.

Cities with a name from the Bible such as St. Petersburg, Bethlehem, etc. will be forced to change their name due to separation of church and state. – In fairness, Bethlehem came first, and was only mentioned in the bible.  But that’s neither here nor there since this is all a bunch of self indulgent conspiracy-laden crap to scare old people and Fox News viewers to think atheists are out to get them.  

Groups connected to any religious affiliation will be forced out of health care. Health centers get tax money from the state, making it a violation of church and state. – Only if they decide to use their religion to make medical decisions for people who work for them. That’s a violation of their civil rights.

Get involved! Sign THE STATEMENT.

Donald E. Wildmon

Here’s a statement for you:  you’re crazy.  Not only that, you’re so used to having your religion granted special privilege in this country that the mere thought of having to play by the same rules as everyone else is making you foam at the mouth.  If your belief system is that backward and resistant to change, inclusion, or modernity, maybe it won’t make it to the year 2060. 

One can only hope.

Senator Jason

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