Poised to Take Over the Country!!

Yesterday I discovered that Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, representative of Arizona’s 9th District, was sworn in on Monday not on a copy of the bible or the quran, but the United States Constitution:

From MSN.com:

Sinema refuses to confirm she is an atheist, as many believe, saying merely that she is “not a member of a faith community” and that all Americans deserve both “freedom of religion and freedom from religion.”

Whether she’s an atheist or just a regular Christian who happens to be very personal and private about her faith, I appreciate both her choice of hands-on reading material and her perspective on the role of government on issues of religion.  As an advocate of the DREAM Act, same sex marriage, and equal opportunity programs, she received an award from the Center for Inquiry  “for the advancement of science and reason in public policy”.  Here’s hoping there are more like her in the elections to come.

And I also can’t help thinking … why doesn’t everyone swear on the Constitution?  That’s what they’re supposed to uphold as a member of the government … not the bible.

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2 Responses to Poised to Take Over the Country!!

  1. BeyondRedemption.... says:

    YOU GO, Girl………..

  2. Good point. Surely the Constitution is more important than the Bible? You know because America’s a liberal democracy and not a theocracy?

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