Well, One of You Gets It.

Facing rebellion, state GOP chair rejects calls to resign over gay marriage support

The head of Illinois’ beleaguered Republican Party is staring down a revolt from some state party bosses after he bucked the official GOP line last week and urged state lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage.

Conservative groups and activists pounced on [State GOP Chairman Pat Brady] shortly after he released a statement last week offering his “full support” of a bill before the General Assembly that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Brady calls the same-sex marriage ban Illinois’ “last condoned discrimination.”

I’m Republican *and* I support marriage equality. F-ck me, right?

“If people want to throw me out because I took a stand on an issue of discrimination [as] the chairman of the Republican Party, the party founded by Abraham Lincoln, then that’s – that’s up to them and they’re free to do it,” Brady said. “But I’m not backing down.”

“We need to change the brand or the image of the party of this group of angry, old white guys,” Brady said. “And that’s what we look like right now.”

Yep, I can’t agree more.  With the exception of a select few (like Mark Kirk) that’s exactly what your party looks like.  Don’t feel bad; they’ve been looking like that for the longest time … ever since they decided to cozy up to the Religious Right and echo their positions on women’s rights and homosexuality.  It doesn’t surprise me at all that a political party with such close ties to evangelical Christians would respond to harshly to one of their own stepping out of line and expressing an opinion that runs counter to the hive mind.

He’s right, though.  The Republican position on same sex marriage is nothing more than discrimination with roots directly from Judeo-Christian religion.  If that’s the only motivation for prohibiting something in a secular society – with no supplemental evidence to demonstrate measurable harm from said activity, then it sounds an awful lot like we’re beginning to run afoul of the establishment clause. I’m glad to see some within the GOP showing enough courage and conviction to stand up and speak against the way they’ve been collectively fighting to treat homosexuals as second class citizens by (among other things) denying them marriage rights.  More people like Pat Brady are needed to move the Republican Party back from the far right into a place where their positions on social issues might actually be considered relevant again.

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