7 Responses to Come Out From Behind That Bible.

  1. Elyse says:

    Lord protect me from your followers.

    This woman should not have been fired, and Ms. Bell should be heartily ashamed of herself. She’s going straight to hell for that one, I wager.

  2. BeyondRedemption.... says:

    If you’re stupid enough to give some imaginary deity 10% of your income, for not even showing up, then that’s your problem. People who serve you, well, and don’t spit in your food deserve much more…. And if you are Pregnant & homeless, that’s no one elose’s fault but your own. Don’t be throwing that in people’s faces, SLUT!!!

    • OK, back up. The reason I brought up the story of her conversion was to show that she, of all people, had once been in a position that would theoretically have allowed her the opportunity to develop some empathy for those less fortunate. I did *not* do it to call her out for her having a child or being pregnant, or to invite other people to do it either. None of us knows the circumstances that put her in that situation, so I think we should all refrain from judging her for it. Dong ma?

  3. I think you’re a bit hard on Welch. Its an honest mistake to forget to remove the signature, she probably didn’t mean any harm by it. She definitely did not deserve to be fired. I find the arrogance of “why do you get 18%” particularly distasteful. Its bad enough she’s not tipping, but do you have to be so damn rude?

    • I totally agree that she shouldn’t have been fired for it. My position was just that if you’re going to post a receipt on line, take off everything that could be even remotely identifiable … signature included. With a site like Reddit, posting the signature is tantamount to throwing down the gauntlet. Sure, she probably didn’t see it as that, and I certainly don’t think she was lying when she said she thought the precautions she took were enough. Her mistake was forgetting that once it’s on the Internet, it’s forever.

      I do think Applebee’s had the right to consider it a violation (of sorts … I later found a case where they did it themselves, so maybe it’s not) … but I think her termination was an overreaction and only done to prevent the pastor from suing them.

      • I guess she must be new to Reddit (I’ll be honest and pretend I know how it all works). I can understand no firm wants to give out private details, but someone’s name? That’s not that private. I mean its hardly their credit card.

        • Right. I think Applebee’s would have had a leg to stand on if the entire CC number and her printed name had been there, even if there were nothing in their policy about putting stuff like that on line.

          I also believe that if the receipt had said something complimentary, their reaction would have been much different.

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