It’s Okay; I’m a Cleric (Content NSFW / Trigger Warning)

For all of the complaining I do about Christianity run wild in this country, I maintain that our brand of extremism pales in comparison to that which exists in other countries – in both the response to issues like blasphemy and the degree to which its leaders are immune from prosecution.

Well, mostly, anyway.  Some of our “clerics” have a history of child sexual abuse going back decades, and the worst punishment they’ve received has been reassignment.  Still, even on the context of that spectrum, I don’t think we ever see any case of abuse committed so openly and its outcome so tragically devoid of justice or humanity as Fayhan Al Ghamdi, a Saudi cleric who brutally raped and killed his daughter Lamia because he doubted her virginity.

Think about that.  He doubted his 5 year old daughter’s virginity.  So he raped her to death:

A Saudi preacher who raped his five-year-old daughter and tortured her to death has been sentenced to pay “blood money” [$50,000] to the mother after having served a short jail term, activists said on Saturday.

It was a girl, so I get change back, right?

Lamia al-Ghamdi was admitted to hospital on December 25, 2011 with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns, the activists said. She died last October 22.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic preacher and regular guest on Muslim television networks, confessed to having used cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, the activists from the group “Women to Drive” said in a statement.

They said the father had doubted Lama’s virginity and had her checked up by a medic.

Randa al-Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl’s back was broken and that she had been raped “everywhere”, according to the group.

According to the victim’s mother, hospital staff told her that her “child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed.”

[…] The ruling is based on Islamic laws that a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives, activists said.

Usually when I post an article I select certain passages and key points of information to provide a summary, and then add commentary as I need to.  In this case, I have the entire contents of the linked article above because I felt the level of atrocity deserved my posting every single detail.

This man literally destroyed his daughter, inside and out.  And, thanks to their adherence to Islamic law in his part of the world, all he has to do it pay some money and he’s free to go check another young girl’s sexual purity when the mood strikes him.

All he needs is another $50,000.  That’s apparently all a human life is worth in Saudi Arabia these days.

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3 Responses to It’s Okay; I’m a Cleric (Content NSFW / Trigger Warning)

  1. Elyse says:

    God Almighty …

  2. Del Ray says:

    The poor child, the pain she must have suffered. I was horrified when i read this and I have been around for a while. I cried because she must have felt so confused and alone. I saw a picture of her on another website, she was a cute little girl with a shy smile. I hope she found some peace before she died. I dont pray very often but I said a prayer for Lamia the helpless little mite.

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