Follow Up on Fayhan al-Ghamdi

‘He will stay in prison for a long time’

The Saudi royal family has intervened to block the release of a ‘celebrity’ preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter.

Fayhan al-Ghamdi, the aforementioned “celebrity preacher”, gained even greater celebrity status earlier this month when he was allowed to pay approximately $50,000 in blood money and serve a token jail sentence for beating and raping his five year old daughter Lamia to death because he doubted her virginity.  (Yeah, I’ll let you guys figure out the logic of that one.)

Over the course of the last few weeks, this case got the attention of the Saudi Royal Family, prompting their intervention on her posthumous behalf:

The Times reported sources in the Saudi capital Riyadh as saying the royal family had been “stung” by the outrage over the case, with senior members intervening to ensure a stricter punishment is given.

One source told the newspaper, “The royal court is now looking at the case. He [Al-Ghamdi] will stay in prison for a long time.”

While we’re at it, let’s hope that their idea of “a long time” is in line with what the rest of the world thinks he should get for killing this girl the way he did.

I wonder whether this, like Newtown in the US – will gain traction in sparking any kind of reform if given sufficient momentum.  I’m not sure whether the Saud family would be too keen on reform if things are working out well for them as things are, but I can’t imagine them objecting to letting just enough modernity in to stop such horrible miscarriages of justice like this one.

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