I Think He’s Lonely.

Ray Comfort has been feeling down.

Remember Ray?  “Banana Man“?

Of course you do.  He’s that Christian fundamentalist from New Zealand who hangs out with Kirk Cameron, has the memory of a lobotomized goldfish, and displays all of the scientific literacy of your average boiled potato.  His very platform is an affront to science, logic, and rudimentary common sense that would make even kindergartners cringe and say, “dude, even I know that’s crap.”

Anyway … Ray.  You know him.  I think he’s been feeling a little forgotten as of late.  Now, usually if I feel as if my blog isn’t getting enough attention or if I’m not getting comments from the usual people, I’ll try to mix it up a little or spend a little more time putting something thoughtful together.

Not Ray.  He just went full troll because SCREW YOU GUYS.

The most amazing part about a comment like this is the amount of stuff he has to ignore in order to actually believe this makes any sense.  Like the fact that we don’t keep kosher, for one.  We also don’t eat endangered species like eagles and whales.  We used to eat horses, and other Christian countries still do even today.  In fact, some slaughterhouses remain here in the US, but their purpose is to export it to other countries or prep it for use in zoos.

We also don’t eat animals we’ve domesticated as pets.  Logically, it shouldn’t make any more sense that we eat chickens and pigs instead of horses and dogs, but we’ve come to see the latter as pets and have developed a societal prohibition against eating them now.  Again, other Christian countries in the world don’t necessarily do the same.

I think the most endearing quality about Ray is his ability to completely and efficiently evacuate the contents of his brain after every discussion with an expert in the field of science he’s trying to debunk such that the next conversation is like starting over with a completely different person.  It’s like Groundhog Day, except he plays the part of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

He forgets about ideas like secular moral philosophy, and the fact that it’s been influencing the development of our society since the Enlightenment.  We’ve been slowly “turning our backs on God” for centuries every time we collectively realize that the rules laid out in the bible are either too barbaric or nonsensical to obey anymore.  To claim a society needs God for its moral code in light of this simply ignores the last 500 years of history.

But hey, it’s Ray.  He’s trolling, and I fed him, which my own damned fault.  I just can’t help myself sometimes; he’s too much fun.

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2 Responses to I Think He’s Lonely.

  1. I feel they should do a remake of Tropic Thunder with someone telling Ben Stiller, “You never go full fundamentalist”

  2. Adam Benton says:

    For many people – including myself – the big deal about the horse meat issue is more the fact the food in question was falsely advertised (i.e. claimed to contain beef, not horse) and possible health risks associated with introducing unregulated horse into the foodchain. I don’t really care whether people do or do not eat horse.

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