In the “I Can’t Believe It’s the 21st Century” Department comes this story to you from Israel:

Ultra-Orthodox passenger harassed 22-year-old journeying from Safed to Ashdod

(The Girl Goggles clearly aren’t enough to keep some people happy.)

The incident took place when two ultra-Orthodox men ordered 22-year-old Noa Kentman to move to the back of a public bus — which was traveling from Safed to Ashdod — because of her gender. The woman filed a report with the police, resulting in the arrest of the suspect.

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism!  For die hard fans of rocking back and forth while praying, transmitting preventable disease through unsanitary circumcision rituals, and freaking the hell out around women.

Kentman sat at the front of the intercity coach when a couple of ultra-Orthodox men demanded that she immediately remove herself to the rear of the vehicle.  When she refused, the men shouted she was “impure,” and began reciting prayers and screaming at her.

unavailable for comment

When I wrote about the Girl Goggles back in August (see above), I had said at the time that I was glad that they were doing something to impose a restriction on their own behavior and their own lives instead of bothering someone else in the process.  This, on the other hand, immediately bring to mind the same sort of victim blaming attitude prevalent in the Muslim world that drives their women to wear burqahs.  The answer to both phenomena is the same: if you think that the problem is because modern women are behaving as though they are equal to men, maybe you are the problem instead.

For the record, the Israeli Supreme Court has rules that gender segregation (like sending women to the back of the bus because a couple of guys forgot what century it was) is not legal, and this is largely an issue when dealing with the ultra-Orthodox population.

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