Curses! Foiled Again by BIG GAY!!

A little over a week ago the news broke that Tim Tebow, part time professional football player and full time God fearing Christian agreed to speak at the First Baptist Church Dallas, run by Pastor Robert Jeffress.  His hope, in his own words, was to “share a message of hope and Christ’s unconditional love to the faithful members of the historic [church] in April … ” which, given the reputation he’s cultivated over the last few years, doesn’t surprise anyone.

A little less than a week after that, however, I think he began to gain a much better understanding of the kind of person Pastor Robert Jeffress is, and his beliefs on such things as Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, the LGBT community, and even the president himself.  For example, back in 2011 during the Republican primaries, he railed against Mormonism and the liability it was creating for Mitt Romney:

“Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Even though he talks about Jesus as his Lord and savior, he is not a Christian. Mormonism is not Christianity. Mormonism is a cult,” said Jeffress, who was supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s bid to become the GOP presidential nominee.

You’d think after Romney clinched the nomination that someone like Jeffress would vote for Obama.  Haha, just kidding.  Obama’s clearing the way for the arrival of the anti-Christ.

“President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.”

Jeffress would go on to say that “it is time for Christians to stand up and to push back against this evil that is overtaking our nation” and to do so via “the ballot box.”

… which is strange, since I didn’t think churches could do that and still maintain their tax exempt status, but I might have that wrong since so many of them do it nowadays.  Anyway, I guess that means he still vote for Romney even though he’s part of a cult.  Better him than the Whore of Babylon or whatever role he thinks Obama is playing in the Book of Revelation.

Oh wait, that’s the Catholic Church

This is the Babylonian mystery religion that spread like a cult throughout the entire world. The high priests of that fake religion, that false religion, the high priests of that religion would wear crowns that resemble the heads of fish, that was in order to worship the fish god Dagon … And the early church was corrupted by this Babylonian mystery religion, and today the Roman Catholic Church is the result of that corruption.

Needless to say, Tim Tebow decided that even though he’s intent on spreading the word of God, it might not be a wise career move to act so friendly with a guy whose views are reminiscent of a man standing on a street corner shouting about the end of the world.  Yesterday, he canceled his appearance “due to new information that has been brought to my attention.”

Bryan Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association, was swift to react.  In his latest radio show, he wondered aloud what the “new information” had to be that prompted Tebow to back out, immediately turning to the “homosexual activists”.

“… and the only thing I could think of that would be this new information would be this cacophony of homosexual activists – the bullies and bigots at Big Gay – coming against him with  animus, vitriol, and hatred, and landing on him like a falling safe.  That’s the new information.”

I love it when people who use religion as an excuse to push people around and a way to justify their own bigotry use the same words to describe the people who want to put an end to that pattern of behavior.  Sorry folks … calling out bigotry and taking action against it is the way modern, rational, secular society moves forward.  We’ll do it with or without you.

Of course, this is the same guy who suggested that there should be an “underground railroad” to kidnap children who have been adopted by homosexual couples, and defended Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin by referring to the attacks he was facing for his comments as “forcible assault”.  He concluded his remarks by parroting the same bad science Akin proposed only days before.

Personally, I think Tebow did the right thing.  As a Christian living in modern secular society – even a devout Christian – you understand that some parts of the bible conflict so violently with our collective understanding of equality, civil rights, and basic human decency that we feel they should simply be ignored instead of preserved for another generation to cling to for moral guidance.  He recognized that the need to proselytize was outweighed by having his message drowned out by his host hating everyone who doesn’t share his views, so … good for him.  Smart move.

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7 Responses to Curses! Foiled Again by BIG GAY!!

  1. Sed says:

    “Foiled By Big Gay” sounds like the title of a weird aluminum fetish flick.

    • He’ll make sure it’s extra heavy duty to prevent untimely leakage and tearing!

      I’d also bet a week’s salary that Bryan has movies like that and worse hidden behind a fake panel in the back of his bedroom closet.

  2. Dan Adler says:

    How much do I want to create a retail business called “Big Gay” (kinda like “Big Lots”). It’d sell only the most fabulous stuff, of course 🙂 10 percent discount to any shopper who is a card carrying member of the Republican Party (must display card).

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