Now, On to the House.

This one’s short, but sweet.

Illinois House committee advances gay marriage bill

SPRINGFIELD — A bill legalizing gay marriage cleared a Democratic-led committee late Tuesday and now moves to the full House, where the issue is expected to meet its toughest test.

The proposal, approved on a 6-5 vote in the House Executive Committee shortly before 10 p.m., is coming under increasingly heavy fire from church organizations who say same-sex marriage violates [their] moral and religious principles.

My addition is important since the bill specifically states that no priest or minister is under any obligation to perform a marriage that comes into conflict with their beliefs … which should – but won’t – clear up any problems of the state infringing on the authority of the church.

Governor Pat Quinn has vowed to sign the bill once it passes the House … but it faces a tough fight there.  Still, with the increased proportion of democrats in both the house and the senate, there should be a better chance than ever to get it through.  It’s also going to face more crap like this:

Kellie Fiedorek, an official with the Alliance Defending Freedom, argued against the bill. She said it failed to protect the religious freedoms of all Illinoisans because it “advances religious intolerance and discrimination towards Illinois citizens with sincerely held religious beliefs.

… but we’ve seen projection like this a thousand times before.  I’m sure they’ll get over it eventually.

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