Appearance is Everything.

When what you do in the bedroom affects whether or not you’ll have a job the next day … you’re going to have a bad time.

Teri James, Pregnant Woman Allegedly Fired For Premarital Sex, Sues Christian School

Teri James, 29, told the news outlet that she did sign a two-page contract with San Diego Christian College that included a provision agreeing not to engage in “sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex.”

Two things: first, it’s unconscionable that any company – whether affiliated with a church or not – has the right to call out someone’s sexual activity as a condition for employment when it has nothing to do with the maintenance of public health. (In other words, I think it’s reasonable if the adult entertainment industry does this given the nature of their work.)

Second … her ability to sue on the basis of this alone is pretty weak. I don’t disagree with her that it’s utter lunacy, but if she signed a contract with that particular clause included, and it’s a religious organization that can basically do whatever the hell it wants with the blessing of the federal government, then she may not have a leg to stand on.  In this particular case, she was willing to sign it because she desperately needed a job and didn’t think anything would happen (mistake).

Hang on a second … turns out that it’s not so much a contract as a “community covenant” … whatever the hell that means.  (The first article I linked to said it was a contract, and now I’m seeing that it’s not.  If she’s quoted as saying it’s not, then I’m inclined to go with that.)

In the college’s “community covenant,” employees and students agree to stay away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. They are also required to abstain from “abusive anger, malice, jealousy, lust, sexually immoral behavior including premarital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality,” according to Allred’s statement.

“It does not say that you will be fired if you do not comply,” Allred told “Today.”

I suppose the most important takeaway from this is that it’s not legally binding … but time will tell.  But the story doesn’t stop there … to add insult to injury:

But James said she was humiliated after being pulled into her supervisor’s office last fall, where she was asked if she was pregnant and then was let go. After James lost her job, she claims the school offered a position to her now-husband, even though they were aware he’d had sex before getting married, too.

I always love the little plot twists, don’t you?  This isn’t about morality; it’s basically about being caught.  If this part of the story is true, then her husband (then fiancé) is just as guilty as she is, and should be considered no more eligible than she.  I guess the difference is that he’s not “branded” with a baby bump like his wife, so no one will ever know.

Except for the fact that they’re married and were engaged at the time … and if he admits he’s the father, and if the kids he teaches can do math, well then it won’t be much of a secret anymore.

While we’re on the topic of “morality”, I wonder if it’s occurred to anyone running the school that both outing and then ousting one of their teachers for “immoral” conduct – even if it was with her fiancé – only reinforces the already widely held belief among at-risk Christian teens that it’s better to just get an abortion and pretend it never happened than “choose life” … especially if the latter will result in a complete loss of emotional, spiritual, and (especially) financial support.

Teri is now out of a job, with a child on the way.  Punishment for her sins, I guess.

The moral of the story:  next time, get an abortion.

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating:  this is not about morality.  This is about both punishing women and about maintaining appearances.  If they truly had integrity they’d reject both her and her husband.  If they wanted to be “pro-life”, showing a little bit of Christian love and support (and send a good message to their students that abortion isn’t the most practical option), they’d re-hire her and re-word the contract / covenant / pinky-swear.

Finally, if our government wanted to show the rest of the world that America is a secular nation, we’d stop putting up with this sort of slut-shaming crap altogether.

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