B-B-B-But Think of the Children!!

A recent study of 130 adoptive families performed by Cambridge University further demonstrates that children adopted by gay or lesbian couples fare just as well as those adopted by heterosexual partners.

The study took the form of home visits to the families, written questionnaires, and recorded parent-child play sessions. All but four of the children studied were aged between four and eight years old, and all had been placed in their families for at least 12 months prior to being interviewed. All families had two parents.

he last element is important, since it touches on a common – yet thoroughly debunked – talking point by some of the fundamentalist pearl-clutchers who claim that kids need a father and a mother.  I don’t doubt that research shows that children benefit from having two parental units; in other words, the father didn’t run off or the parents didn’t divorce during junior’s formative years.  In fact, I suspect the results on the part of the child would be fairly consistent regardless of the parents’ sexual orientations, but that’s a guess; I don’t think there’s any data that would back me up on that part yet.

Responses from the same-sex parents, adopted children themselves and the children’s teachers indicates that [potential issues of bullying from peers or skewing the child’s gender identity] do not appear to be a significant problem – although the researchers, and some parents themselves, acknowledge that problems of bullying could become a problem as the children become teenagers.

The majority of the children in the study appeared to be adjusting well to family life and to school. Face-to-face interviews with parents, and with those children willing and old enough to take part, showed that parents talked openly with their children about adoption and recognised the value of children maintaining contact with their birth parents.

This study corroborates other research done in the field and is consistent with the conclusion reached by the American Sociological Association, which submitted an Amicus brief with the SCOTUS a week ago on this very topic.

WASHINGTON, DC, February 28, 2013 — The American Sociological Association (ASA) weighed in on the gay marriage cases before the U.S. Supreme Court today, filing an amicus brief outlining social science research that shows “children fare just as well” when raised by same-sex or heterosexual parents.

“The results of our review are clear,” said ASA President Cecilia Ridgeway. “There is no evidence that children with parents in stable same-sex or opposite-sex relationships differ in terms of well-being. Indeed, the greater stability offered by marriage for same-sex as well as opposite-sex parents may be an asset for child well-being.”

So in response in the “traditional values” camp who feel we need to keep “thinking of the children”:

We did.

And they’re doing fine.

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